Every cooked product goes through this tight-knit team. These cooks make sure that even though the food that passes through its doors is healthy, it tastes amazing. The quality (both nutritionally and taste -wise) of our food would not be possible without the efficiency and growing knowlege of this team. Big props should also be given to our amazing dishwasher, who washes every dish with ease by hand everyday.

The portioners are the meat and potatoes of the team, literally. This group of people is the last to see a product through the doors, ensuring its perfection in looks, taste, and nutritional value. The portioners assemble the health product as a team, to ensure consistancy in the above qualities in our food. A smaller sub group of the portioners are called the placers. The goal of the placers is to ensure the smooth flow of food, via preparing some foods and ensuring that there is a sufficient amount of all other foods.